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Memorial Mug

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Raise a toast to your loved one, with their image forever imprinted on this beautiful Memorial Mug.

Whether it’s your parent, sibling, friend, loved one or pet, the good times you had and the joy you shared stays long after they’re gone. Cherish every moment with fond memories every time you look at this mug.

 Send us a picture of your loved one with a special quote, we will turn it into a sketch and print it in vinyl on the vase. Different colour options available. We can suggest options for the phrasing.

Fill with your favourite drink and toast your loved one to show your love and respect, and celebrate the special bond you shared. 

  • Measurement: 10cm high and 14 cm wide
  • Mug Material: Glass.
  • Cleaning Tip: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Send us your image and quote upon placing the order via email to We will draft up the design and send back for approval