Our Story

Hello and welcome to Oskah. I’m Amee, the founder of this special place. Our journey began with a personal experience that many of you can relate to – the loss of a loved one. For me, it was my dear father.

Christmas, a time of joy and togetherness, felt incomplete without him. In the midst of twinkling lights and festive cheer, I felt an urge to remember and honour him in a way that was not just personal but also visible – a gentle reminder of his love and presence.

That’s how the first memorial ornament was born, made by hand with love and teardrops. It served as a tangible memory of my father, bringing a sense of peace and remembrance during the holiday season. And from there, Oskah grew.

Our Mission

At Oskah, our mission is simple and heartfelt – to help individuals dealing with grief find peace and remembrance. We aim to transform pain into a cherished memory through our carefully crafted, personalised memorial ornaments.

Our Invitation

At Oskah, we extend an invitation to remember, to honour, and find peace. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or any ordinary day, we hope our memorial ornaments can help you feel closer to your loved ones who’ve passed on.

Join us on this journey of love, memory, and healing.